Dropping Off and Pick Up

FACE Children's Center is a very busy place with many parents coming and going. For safety sake, please follow these guidelines.

Park your car in the lined spaces in the parking lot. Cars should not be driven or parked in the fire lane or on the driveway next to the playground. Parking lot speed is 5 miles per hour. Children are unpredictable, please take extra care when driving and walking in our parking lot.

The FACE entrance is opposite the playground.

If you arrive before 8:30, please bring you child to the Chipmunk classroom. Our teachers will sign your child in for the day on classroom attendance sheets. At 8:30, the teachers bring the children to their classrooms. Children enrolled in our three quarter day program should arrive at 9:00. Please call if you will arrive late or out for the day (508)653-7966, our answering machine is on 24/7, staff check for morning messages before 9:15. Please no email notification.

Teachers like to greet the children and are available to speak with parents about any health issues, changes in routines, or pertinent personal issues for the day. This is not the time for a conference. Our teachers can accept phone calls 1:30 - 2:15 each day and are also available for a face to face conference.

Please find out how your child would like to say good-bye to you. Our teachers are happy to help your family with the transition. Please do not rush this process. Parents and kids will have better days if they don't have rushed good-byes.

Upon arriving to the center in the afternoon, you may find your child in the playground, field or inside classrooms. If you need to speak with a teacher at this time, please keep your child with you. Our teacher will sign your child out for the day. Dogs are not allowed near the playground or inside the school.

Children should only enter our school with an adult and families must stay together.

Only parents and the people they have listed on the Authorization and Consent form will be allowed to take your child home. Parents must give us prior notice when someone is picking up his or her child. We will accept your written note or if you call us, you must give your family password. No email notification is accepted. We will require identification at pick up time and will make no exceptions. We will not release children to anyone under the age of sixteen.


In the event that the center loses heat or electricity, parents will be called to pick up their children at FACE.

If the center has to close due to extreme emergencies (fire, gas leak) the Natick Fire Department will evacuate children to the Cole Recreation Center at 179 Boden Lane in Natick. Parents will be notified and are expected to pick up their children immediately. In the event of an emergency the center defers all evacuation decisions to the Natick Fire Deptartment. Center staff will notify families of any changes to information.


When a child first enters a school situation, he/she becomes exposed to new illnesses. The health policies of FACE Children's Center will be enforced to ensure that children do not come to school in a contagious state.

Illnesses seen by your physician require a doctor's note to return to school. Please take the time to work out alternative care plans for when your child is sick. Please use these guidelines to help you determine when your child should or should not come to school.

Children do come to school with colds. They should not come to school with a fever or the flu. Most colds are caused by viruses and last 3 to 5 days and can linger for 2 weeks. The symptoms are nasal discharge, sneezing, mild sore throat, and/or a cough. If body aches, chills, and a high fever are present, then it is probably "the flu."

Treatments and medications for colds and flu should be obtained through a physician. Most colds are spread by hand-to-hand contact of nasal discharge and are not caused by being exposed to wet or cold weather. If you or your child is coming down with a cold, take extra care when washing your hands.

Please refer to the following procedures and policies:

Lead poisoning information
Lead screening is extremely important because even very low levels of lead can cause permanent problems in learning and behavior. Serious poisoning can occur in any household in any community. Massachusetts regulations require that all children be screened between the ages of 9 months and 12 months and again at the ages of two and three. Children attending FACE must show evidence of the lead test on their medical forms. Please verify with your doctor that your childs three-year screening is recorded on the medical form.
All doctors and clinics will screen children for lead when you request it. Many Board of Health facilities provide screenings at no cost.

Procedure to be Followed in Case of Illness
When a child becomes ill while at the center:
-- The child's parent is called.
-- The child is taken to the office to rest and wait for a parent. A staff member waits with the child. Parents are expected to pick up the child as soon as possible. The child will be provided a quiet place and given books, puzzles, games, etc., while they wait for his/her parent. The staff will do their best to make the child comfortable.

Procedure to be Followed in Case of Minor Injury
When a child is injured while at the center:
-- A teacher administers first aid to the child. A report is written for the parent detailing how the injury occurred and the type of first aid given.
-- The parent signs the report and a copy is placed in the child's file.

Procedure to be Followed in Case of Emergency
In the case of that an emergency occurs while the child is at the center:
-- The teacher comforts the child and administers first aid in the office.
-- The staff member in charge calls for an ambulance and the child's parents.
-- The Director or teacher in charge accompanies the child in the ambulance, taking along the child's health file.
When a parent (or guardian) cannot be reached, the emergency contact person(s) is called.

Administration of Medication Policy
-- Parents are required to fill out a medication form for any medication to be administered at FACE Children's Center.
-- All medication administered will be documented on the child's record. The following information will be included: the name of the drug, the date and time of dosage, and the signature of the teacher giving it.
[The following is required for Prescription Medication]
-- Written parental authorization
-- Written order of physician (the label on the medication is acceptable)
-- All medication must be kept in its original container labeled with the child's name, the name of the drug, and the directions for its administration and storage.
[The following is required for Non-prescription Medication]
-- A signed statement from the physician listing the name, dosage, and criteria for administration of the medication (valid for 1 year from the date it was signed)
-- A signed statement from the parent authorizing administration in accordance with the written order of the physician (valid for 1 year from the date it was signed)
[The following is required for Topical Non-prescription Medication]
-- A signed statement from the parent listing the specific topical non-prescription medication to be administered and the criteria for administration (valid for 1 year from the date it was signed)
-- Must be administered according to the directions on the original container unless authorized to do otherwise by a written order of the physician
You may fax the permissions to our office.


It is the policy of FACE Children's Center to provide the principles of nutrition education to the children and their families. Therefore, we provide healthy, nutritious meals and snacks following the USDA Bureau of Nutrition guidelines for portions. We also act in accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs.

Our menus and recipes are shared upon request.

Parents must supply meals for children with allergies, or because of religious and/or lifestyle beliefs.

Menus are planned with the majority of the children's liked and dislikes in mind. The idea of the food program is to encourage children to eat, try new foods and to make healthy choices about food. We follow the Bureau of Nutrition guidelines for portions, nutrition and food credits.

All required food is put on the child's plate at the beginning of the meal. Food is not withheld for punishment or used as a reward. Teachers will eat at the tables with the children, encouraging them to eat their meals and enjoy each other's company. Teachers will make sure that conversation flows at the table and at times will lead the discussion. Teachers will make sure that children's hands are cleaned before lunch and faces and hands are cleaned after lunch. Children brush their teeth at the tables after the lunch time meal.

Children will learn to pour their drinks, are encouraged to help themselves to second helpings, and can serve themselves afternoon snacks. Teachers love helpers before and after lunch.

Snow Days

When heavy snowfall is predicted for our area families should check WCVB.com to see if we will be closed for the day

If we are open for the day, We will open at 9:00. Children must arrive by 9:30 .

During 2021: If we have 5 children or fewer attending we will close at 12:30. Attending families will be notified by 9:45. If we have 6 or more children attending we will stay open until 4:30 .


Heavy snow, or loss of heat, power, or water the center will close at the discretion of the director.


When entering FACE Children's Center toilet training is not an eligibility requirement for enrollment. Diapers (Velcro pull ups) are allowed in our preschool classes especially at rest time. Parents provide their child's diapers (Velcro pull ups) and wipes and develop a plan with staff for times when they should be used through out the day. For children, no longer in diapers, if toileting accidents happen teachers will help the child change clothing. No child shall be punished for soiling, wetting, or not using the toilet. We are happy to offer families guidance and support if they choose to toilet train their child. When children are not toilet trained attend during the summer months they can use the sprinklers and water table for water play, but can not use the wading pools.

The children are allowed and encouraged to go to the bathroom at any time throughout the day. Classes also schedule group trips to the bathroom during the day.

Children should wear comfortable clothes so they can easily pull down and pull up their pants. Teachers will help with difficult snaps, buttons, and fasteners. All children should have an extra change of clothing in their backpacks every day. Children will wash their hands with soap and running water after going to the bathroom.


At FACE Children's Center one goal is to introduce children to many experiences through art, cooking, music, and play. During our free times we like the children to use our educationally sound games, toys and dress up areas. We encourage them to be creative inventing games, have fun while learning, and develop friendships. After discussion and looking back over the years, we have decided not to allow toys from home. Our reasoning is simple:

1. Home toys get lost and broken.
2. Home toys are not always appropriate for school settings.
3. Home toys are difficult to share.
4. Home toys can cause upsetting situations between child and parent at drop off times.

These are exceptions:
1. Baby dolls and small stuffed animals will always be welcome for naptime
2. Books to share with the class are always welcome (no coloring books
3. Show and tell items are encouraged