NAEYC Accreditation

Early childhood programs accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs have voluntarily undergone a comprehensive process of internal self-study, invited external professional review to verify compliance with the Academy's Criteria for High Quality Early Childhood Programs, and been found to be in substantial compliance with the Criteria. (A copy of the Criteria can be obtained from the Academy.)

In 1996, FACE Children's Center became the first program in Natick, Massachusetts to become accredited. We have followed NAEYC practices and are seeking Accreditation in 2019.

Come Learn with us!

Young children enter preschool with a sense of wonder and a blossoming love of learning. Our teachers are nurturing and welcoming, they gently guide children into an exciting, fun day.

An important task for our teachers is to provide guided activities for their class through intentional planning. An equally important job for them is to create an interesting environment where children make choices. A child making a choice helps them to feel confident. Confidence builds early learners.

Using the Massachusetts Guidelines for Early Childhood Curriculum teachers' plan guided activities appropriate to each child's age and stage of development. This roadmap gives us an overall approach to support learning experiences that are: Developmentally Appropriate, Reflective of Thoughtful Observation, Individually Meaningful and Inclusive.

The complete version of our curriculum is in our handbook.

Open Ended Art

At FACE,art is an open-ended creative process for the child. Our teachers prepare the environment for children to learn through active exploration of materials. The success of open-ended art is directly related to children being able to express themselves freely in a manner that has been created by them.

Natural creativity is developed in a low-key, non-intimidating setting. With open-ended art there is no right and wrong for the child to contend with, therefore eliminating any sense of failure that could be felt in a structured project. Our teachers place the emphasis of creativity on the process rather than the finished product.

Teachers and children are constantly interacting during this time. Children build language skills describing their work.

The children work together to clean up, developing a spirit of cooperation around the art table. The end result is a roomful of happy artists!

Field Trips

Our annual spring field trips for the Chipmunk and Butterfly Classes are to Southwick Animal Farm and The Blue Hills Trailside Museum. Parents sign permission for their child to attend the trip and pay the admittance fee for each field trip.

When traveling off site, we travel by a school bus equipped with seat belts. We leave the center at 9:00 and return at 1:30. Children bring their own picnic lunch from home.


The Board of Directors and the staff of FACE feel that a policy of openness and tolerance is imperative if we are to teach our children understanding, and if we are to contribute to a world filled with justice and peace.

Therefore, as a culturally diverse childcare center, we strive to incorporate many aspects of family celebration into our classrooms. Holiday celebrations will be explored in a sensitive manner by our staff through age-appropriate art, stories, songs, and foods.

Learn While You Play

Learn while you play! Play is the natural language of the child. It is the forum for problem solving, discovery, and cognitive and emotional development. Autonomy, individuation, trust, attachment, imagination, empathy, intimacy and self-regulation are some of the emotional themes that emerge in the play of a pre-schooler.

Observant teachers can easily tune into the development of their preschoolers through out the day. Our ever-changing classrooms are fertile ground for the kind of imaginative, play that allows a child to grow. Violent play and language are not allowed at school.

As children play:

  • Socialization skills are being developed, children are making friends (a life long skill)
  • Children are discovering math and science
  • Problem solving skills are developing
  • Muscles are growing during outdoor play
  • Language is developed through song and story
  • Children are explorers. They learn how things work through play. So much is going on during your child's day. What looks like play to you is really hard work!

Show and Tell Days

Everyday can be show and tell day at our school.

Teddybear Class: Children are always encouraged to bring something special into our class to share during circle time. It can be connected to themes we have going on in our class, for example, we love going on nature walks to discover what is happening to our environment and picking up "treasures" along the path. Backyard treasures are a great way to bridge home and school. Teddy bears also enjoy our "Monday morning catch-up", it's a time to share stories about our weekends; another good way to strengthen language and build vocabulary.

Chipmunk Class: Our method of insuring an exciting show and tell is to have children share stories or objects special to them. Pictures of family members, vacations, or a special event are great fun for group discussion.We encourage objects from nature exhibits, family mementos, or something a child has made at home. Books are always welcome! Whenever something is especially exciting for your child we will always find time for sharing. We will also encourage the other children to ask questions about the news being shared.

Butterfly Class: Children love to talk about what is going on with them outside school. In addition children are always encouraged to bring in items from nature, share a special family trip or outing, sports stories, and science artifacts!

Special Events

Each year different special events are planned and are held during the school day. An annual event is a much loved concert with local musician David Polansky. The Pumpernickel Puppets stop by and bring our favorite fairy tales to life. Matt from Animal World has carefully shown us his extraordinary animals.

A local dentist visits each spring to help us learn good dental practices. And our favorite fireman and policeman from the town of Natick make a safety visit each year.

Be Ahead of the Game also visits the center twice a month. This soccer based group works with the children to develop team building skills through exercise and fun.

Bike Days are held a few times each year. On bike days children bring their bike from home. Every spring we do a Tike-A-Thon fundraiser for St. Judes Childrens Hospital. This is a parent choice event and each year we donate over $1000.